Hello Blog People

So I’ve finally broken down and started a blog. I’m doing this out of desperation. I’ve simply accumulated too many Writely rants and quasi-journal entries addressed to the public that it’s a little embarrassing not to lay it all out there. I also come across daily developments in the tech world that I feel so strongly about that I’m constantly stopping my work to jot down my opinion, only for no one but me to ever see it! In many cases this is the desire to correct others in the interest of furthering general understanding, as I experienced most recently with one of Cringely’s entries where he’s a bit off in his understanding of p2p, but that will have to wait for a future entry.

To give you a little background, I received my undergraduate degree from Brown University in U.S. History and Computer Science. My first job straight out of college was working as a programmer at LimeWire. In fact, I was hired to work for a company called “LimeObjects”. By the time I actually started 2 weeks later, though, Mark Gorton and others had decided to fold LimeObjects and to turn it into LimeWire. I will talk in more detail about my 4 years at LimeWire in future entries. For now, though, I’ll just say that people like Chris Rohrs, Greg Bildson, Susheel Daswani, Robert Soule, Sumeet Thadani, Sam Berlin, and Anurag Singla, and I had a heck of a lot of fun from the early days of Gnutella through turning Gnutella into the mature family of protocols it is today. We also worked with a tremendous and talented group of people from around the world who participated in the Gnutella community through the Gnutella Developer’s Forum (GDF). Bringing LimeWire from nothing to a profitable company, and open-sourcing it along the way, was an invaluable and a fascinating experience I will always cherish.

I decided to leave LimeWire in February of 2004. There were many factors leading to my decision, as I will elucidate in upcoming entries. They all relate to technology and to my interest in interoperability between peer-to-peer and the larger Internet. My ideas were too radical a departure from LimeWire to make them a part of the same project, however, and it made the most sense to strike off on my own and to start a separate company. That company is now Last Bamboo LLC, founded with 4 friends/partners, and now very close to the public release of our first application, “LittleShoot”. I can’t say more about LittleShoot yet, but stay tuned. It’s cool.

For now, this blog will comment on related happenings on the Internet. I’ll also throw out little tidbits from the history of LimeWire and Gnutella here and there as appropriate. I hope everyone enjoys it, and please don’t hesitate to tell me when you think I’m nuts. As Yochai Benkler and many others have pointed out, the Internet’s enabling of collaborative filtering of ideas is essential to maximizing human creative resources. Please engage.


2 Responses to Hello Blog People

  1. Glen Humphrey says:

    Where can I find a site that explains some of the jarrgin used on the products being downloaded ? Example would be a product like CD Clone that includes the word + Crack…… What does that mean ?

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