This One’s for the People

OK, so I’ve received some feedback that my last blog entry was, well, maybe not so interesting for the average member of my exploding fan base. I don’t want to use the word “boring”, but it turns out the vast majority of people in my life have not chosen to specialize in the next generation of peer-to-peer network architectures. They need more, and I’m here to give it.

So, this one’s a little something for the people. A little something to really cap off the summer of 2006. It’s all about a little discovery I made the other day that could, well, change everything.

Have you ever joyfully begun to sip from a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning, peacefully anticipating how that cup of coffee will launch you into the day, only to discover that no matter what you do, the coffee drips a little bit under the lid every time you take a sip? I’ve had this experience probably 20 times. With each damn sip, a little more coffee drips out and destroys the entire good morning coffee feeling you’ve paid good money for. Every time this happens, I find myself infuriated at the incompetence of the coffee cup designers that they could have designed such a pathetic excuse for a coffee cup. Who’s with me?

Well, the other day the cause of the coffee cup carnage came to me in a rare moment of clarity. This all happens because the seam of the coffee cup — the line running along the cup from top to bottom where the cardboard is glued together — is algined with or near the coffee cup hole you’re sipping from. Just a slight twist of the lid will solve the entire problem. That’s right. It’s that simple. As a result of this disasterous misalignment of lid and cup, little devilish drops of coffee make their way over the lip of the cup and under the plastic lid — through that tiny little extra space created from the cup opening aligning with the seam! It changes everything!

Now, some of you may say “Adam, you’re an idiot. I’ve known that since my second cup of coffee.” To you I say, read another friggin’ blog. These are the types of insights you’ll find here. If you’re just soooo smart that you’re unable to appreciate them, well, then, you’re not welcome.

Actually, this blog will continue to be primarily devoted to exceptionally dry, jargon-filled rants about peer-to-peer networks and how we can architect them for the maximum benefit of us all. Like I said, though, this one’s for the people. A little something to lift us all up and to just make our lives a little bit better, all with less coffee spilled on our shirts. Spread the word.


3 Responses to This One’s for the People

  1. Bob says:

    I am confused. Is the “coffee leak” some sort of allusion to Java and how it impacts P2P? By “twisting the cap” do you mean some sort of sophisticated probramming trick to change the point of access or something?

    Be more clear! I come here for obtuse ramblings from a hyperfocused, tousel-haired rapscallion, not innuendo and hints.

  2. Ted Burrett says:

    The style of writing is quite familiar . Did you write guest posts for other blogs?

  3. adamfisk says:

    Hi Ted- I haven’t gotten in to writing guest posts — too busy writing code! I’m certainly not opposed to it though.


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