Daswani on LimeWire Complaint

Susheel Daswani has posted another excellent piece in his series about the recent RIAA action against LimeWire.  Susheel worked with me at LimeWire before moving on to study law.

The case will be fascinating to watch.  At LimeWire, we really did all wake up one day to find ourselves in the entertainment business, much to our displeasure.  As I have discussed, the Gnutella developer community was always much more interested in the technology.  Many of the most active members, like Serguei Osokine, Phillipe Verdy, or Raphael Manfredi had absolutely no commercial interest in Gnutella other than as a theoretical and technical exercise.  Susheel and I worked extensively with Serguei to write the current standards for distributed search on Gnutella.  That just always seemed so much more important than the copyright dust up, and it’s sad that it’s come to this.


One Response to Daswani on LimeWire Complaint

  1. However, now Limewire pro has appeared with so much better features to offer you and it is still totally free.

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