Have A Shiner Bock with Me at SXSW

Just a quick note to all you SXSW folks out there that I’m down in my home town of Austin for the festivities, and you should track me down for a drink if you like. The energy and breadth of the conference on day 1 was inspiring. Douglas Price, Tim Ferris, Mike Cassidy, and Eve Phillips, and I all went out for a lengthy meal and great conversation at Austin’s finest, the Driskill, and I was ecstatic this morning to learn Tim’s healthy drinking tips actually work.

I’ll be firing up Eve’s Chirp via Bootcamp later today.  Their first app is a social media filter that includes a screen saver displaying photos from your various social media outlets. All you Windows users out there should give it a try.  We also had fun listening to Doug’s latest album, Mass Processor.

If you want to survive SXSW or life with the bottle generally, I second Tim’s recommendation of “Chaser”, carbon-based pills that help ward off hangovers. They work. We picked them up in a corner store on 6th St., but you should be able to find them at GNC or pharmacies.

I’ll be down here through next Wed, so come grab me or shoot me an e-mail at ‘a-at-littleshoot dot org’.  Oh, and if you’re at the conference, check out Pliny Fisk’s (aka my dad) panel on Tuesday on Visualizing Sustainability.  He always has something interesting to say.  Mike Cassidy and Tim Ferriss’s panel later today on efficiently and quickly achieving goals, from writing a #1 New York Times bestseller to building and selling a company for $500 million 2 years after the founding, should also be a hit.  Evan Williams (Blogger, Twitter) and Cali Lewis are on the panel as well.

If you’re having trouble finding me, I’ll probably be off in the corner somewhere on my laptop working on porting LittleShoot to Facebook.


One Response to Have A Shiner Bock with Me at SXSW

  1. jacob22 says:

    I randomnly came across your blog and I saw that you’re from Austin, but live in New York now. I’m in the same boat except I was not lucky enough to go back home to attend SXSW. Two things i miss right now are Alamo Draft House and Trudy’s. Finally found Shiner Bock in Manhattan though, which is a small consolation.

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