Google App Engine Full Text Search From App Engine Patch Team

Waldemar Kornewald and the rest of the Google App Engine Patch team have just released the first full text search implementation for Google App Engine (GAE).  LittleShoot has been using App Engine Patch since the early days of App Engine, and we can’t recommend it highly enough.  Its seamless Django integration has saved us countless hours, and features like its tool for combining and compressing all of your JavaScript and CSS using the YUI compressor are just stellar.

While we don’t have an immediate need for full text search over at LittleShoot, we can tell you the team behind GAE full text search is rock solid and battle tested.  Given the various limitations of the GAE datastore API, it’s also quite a technical feat.

If you need full text search, and you’re running on App Engine using python, GAE search will save you a great deal of pain.  Go get it.


5 Responses to Google App Engine Full Text Search From App Engine Patch Team

  1. We’ve also released a Free version for non-commercial use. This should be sufficient for most personal projects.

  2. @hmad says:

    it’s look like google goes wrong

  3. Arjun says:

    Another way is to avoid the problem entirely by <a href="“>mashing up with Google Base via the GData API. It works like a charm, and saves your App Engine quotas for more important tasks.

  4. misc says:

    it’s not the first. google shipped its own full text search library with app engine in april 2008:

    …but still, this is a promising improvement on that. waldemar is really sharp and has a solid track record in the app engine community.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. It looks useful because full-text search is a must for many web applications.

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